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One stop IT solution for you and your goals whether it is about Microsoft, Apple or Network. We do FREE pickup/delivery, Home visit and Office visit depending on your needs. Give us a call and we will get to you ASAP.

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Windows fails to start, Computer runs slow, Unwanted Pop ups, Application doesn’t run properly and​ more…

Mac has Kernel panic, Laptop shuts down randomly, Computer froze up or runs slower than normal and​ more…

No internet, Wireless connection is intermittent or fails, Network printer or scanner stops working  and​ more…

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PC and PCs

  • is a professional computer repair service company specializing in Microsoft and Apple platform computers over 20 years
  • provides you with the highest quality computer support for desktop, laptop, server and network
  • offers a wide variety of services for both residential and business customers
  • is the service of come-to-you so that you don’t have to travel

FREE PickUp/Delivery

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PC and PCs has been a leading provider of computer repair, managed I.T. service, and security consulting. PC and PCs specializes in assisting residential customers and small businesses to succeed in today’s fast moving and complicated technology world


Frank Zanghi

I was told by Apple Store tech person that my iMac HD Drive is defective and was no longer supported by Apple since its 6 years old. Selling me a new product was recommended. I remembered PC and PCs from when I was in business. To my surprise KeeSoo gave me on site service with pick up and delivery. He installed newest hard drive (with no mechanical parts) Done so quickly including setting up my iMac. I am super satisfied at a fair price. Thank you KeeSoo

Ed Bates

5 stars, very quick, will only use PC and PCs had me up and running with in a day he even picked up and dropped off

Michael Williams

10/10 KeeSoo was very helpful. When building my first pc, I ran into a problem with it shutting off a few seconds after startup. He came to my house and actually taught me how to put everything together properly, not just fix the problem. He is very knowledgeable, and is a chill and respectful person. Would definitely recommend!

Thomas Cunningham

I have been a customer of PC and PCs for many years and support from KeeSoo was excellent. I am buying a new computer and setup went very smooth in the way I exactly wanted. He even helped me setup all the network, software and transfer data. What a peace of mind working with him! Highly recommend and very much trusted work.

Susan Spiegelman

I am relatively new to the internet. KeeSoo has been there for me since the beginning and has made my use of the internet possible. I am very grateful for his expertise, for his compassion in business and his consistency in providing the answers to my questions.

David Kelly

Not only have they helped me out with my home computers and laptops, but KeeSoo has also set up my business computers and network system. He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything fully. Also, If I ever had any problems, KeeSoo was there within minutes. You won't be disappointed in their service.

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