Commercial Services

For the commercial and business customer, PC and PCS offers a wide array of options. Our expert computer technicians are skilled in servicing both small- and large-scale systems, from small office workspaces to corporate-level networks. PC and PCS offers on-site support, and can install, repair, maintain, and protect all types of business and commercial hardware and software. Whether you want to network an entire office, repair a fleet of damaged computers, or even build several business-ready machines–PC and PCS has you covered. Don’t do it yourself, when your business is on the line: trust the professionals at PC and PCS. Please contact us by phone, or visit our Nanuet location with any computer questions or issues.

  • Desktop Repair– Many business owners and workers rely upon their computers to complete everyday tasks. What happens if your desktop crashes, or something goes wrong with it? PC and PCS provides repair services for the traditional desktop computer, so you won’t be out of a workstation for very long.
  • Laptop Repair – Laptops are becoming more popular by the day. In fact, many business-people now use a laptop as their sole computer. But because laptops are so mobile, they are more prone to damage and other issues. PC and PCS offers a comprehensive laptop repair service, and will have you back up and running in no time.
  • Networking  Solutions– Today’s technology necessitates a comprehensive network in the workplace. Computers are interconnected in more ways than ever, and the majority of these functions cannot be utilized without a robust and seamless network. Let the experts at PC and PCS help you set up or repair your business network.
  • Data Recovery – For a business, the loss of saved data can be catastrophic. Should a computer, server, or hard drive crash, PC and PCS can help you recover the valuable files that are essential to the running of your business.
  • Virus Threat Removal – As the world becomes more dependent upon technology and computers, the threat of contracting a computer virus rises rapidly. The internet is a hostile place. Most viruses disguise themselves as innocuous pieces of software, like an email attachment. PC and PCS specializes in protection from viral software, and can even help to rid you of a virus, should your computer or network become infected. If you suspect that you have a virus, or are worried about getting one, let PC and PCS protect you, and give your computer a clean bill of health.
  • Custom Computer Building – All businesses need something different from their computers. Some need high-powered machines to process and playback video, or edit images. Others need an abundance of storage space, but minimal processor power. Why pay for the most costly machine when you can have one built to your exact specifications? PC and PCS will help you select the right features for your new computers, and will build them for you. Don’t pay an arm and a leg for a machine that has more bells and whistles than your business needs. Let the experts at PC and PCS create computers that are suited to your exact needs.
  • On-Site Support – Some problems cannot be solved remotely, and require an on-site technician to fix. The professionals at PC and PCS will come to your place of work, and will identify and solve the issue–on-site.  All PC and PCS customers receive on-site support when they use our computer or networking services.




[Note: More sophisticated problems may require a computer to be brought to one of our locations since more resources are available in-store.]

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