PC and PCS provides the most reliable products for our customers. Whether your computer needs are limited to only minor additions to an existing computer or you are in the market for a completely new computer, we can help.

Computers – Just let PC and PCS know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to a variety of computers that can satisfy all of your requirements. Share any questions you have and we’ll address them together as we look for the “perfect fit” for you.

CPUs – A CPU, or “central processing unit,” is one of the most important parts of your computer. It is charged with receiving instructions, processing them, and ultimately executing them. Without a CPU, a computer would not function and computer programs would not work. We specialize in providing the customer CPU solutions and helping them to pick the appropriate one for their computer.

Motherboards – The motherboard compliments the CPU by acting as its base. The CPU and other important items are literally “plugged” into the motherboard and when these components (and other peripherals) are synchronized we get the best possible performance from our desktop and laptop computers. PC and PCS will find you the best motherboard solutions every time.

Video Cards – Video cards can be the difference between watching a black and white movie and seeing the real thing with your own eyes. Video cards dictate the capabilities of your computer when it comes to rendering moving images, particularly in video games. Videos downloaded online or drawn from a DVD drive are not necessarily effected by video cards, but if your computer will double as a video game system, PC and PCS is ready to make your computer game-ready.

Networks (and networking) – How computers interact is decided by the equipment used to connect them. PC and PCS will review your specific needs and help you make the most informed decision about necessary network equipment at home and in the office. Our ultimate goal is that your computers connect conveniently and quickly.

Printers – Important documents, school papers, and other documents are not limited to the digital world; computer users frequently print information to preserve and share it. PC and PCS sells the newest printing products and accessories to ensure that you have access to the best technologies and most affordable solutions. If you need a printer our technicians will gladly guide you through the process of finding the right one for your home or office.

Computer Accessories – A computer might come out of the box with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse but some users are only happy when they customize their computer with accessories. We offer a robust selection of computer accessories at our Nanuet, New York store and welcome any interest and questions you have in these additional items.

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