Residential Services

For residential computer repair, maintenance, and custom building, PC and PCS has you covered. Our company offers a core of services for customers looking to fix, connect, secure, and expand their computer’s capabilities. Is your machine running slow? Did you drop your computer? Have you lost access to your hard drive and saved files? Do you have a virus? Or do you want to build a new computer from the group up? At PC and PCS, our technicians can handle any computer problem, large or small. Feel free to contact us by phone or visit our Nanuet location with your questions and computer issues.


Residential services from PC and PCS:

  • Repair Desktops – Computers don’t always work as we want them to. With this in mind, PC and PCS offers a desktop repair service for your traditional (typically larger desk-mounted) computers.
  • Repair Laptops – Laptops are the mobile standard for computing at school, while traveling, or for convenient use around the home. PC and PCS provides a superb laptop repair service should your computer have any issues.
  • Networking – Connecting multiple computers at home or in the office is a must with today’s technology, as computers interact like never before. Whether your purpose is to integrate files across a workspace, or to make content available for all of your home computers, the experts at PC and PCS have your networking solutions.
  • Data Recovery – If computers fail, there is nothing more frustrating than the loss of key information or saved files. PC and PCS can help you retrieve those valuable files and reverse the damage done to your computer. We’ll use the latest techniques and technologies to save exactly what you need.
  • Virus Removal – The world of technology is a hostile environment for unprepared computers. PC and PCS can help you respond to these virus threats fast and effectively, especially if your computer is already contaminated with a virus. By systematically reviewing the contents of a computer and recognizing which components have “gone viral,” we can remove most viruses and put your computer back on track.
  • Custom Computer Building – Technology is now so sophisticated that computers often reflect the user. And because not everyone needs the same bells and whistles, computers are frequently tailored to the individual owner. Some computer users desire the newest video technology to play the most demanding video games, while others require a streamlined unit for working and web browsing. All computer owners are different and for this reason PC and PCS builds custom computers for interested clients.
  • On-Site Support – Computers are not unlike home furniture for many of us and PC and PCS can support you both at home and in the office if your computer needs a closer look and a trained eye. We’ll send one of our outstanding technicians to your location and immediately begin work on fixing your computer and network issues. PC and PCS stands by its products and supports them on-site for all customers.







[Note: More sophisticated problems may require a computer to be brought to one of our locations since more resources are available in-store.]

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