Microsoft Service

  • Windows does not start
  • Computer runs slower than usual
  • Software does not start
  • Error message pops up
  • Malicious software is running
  • Windows needs upgrade to the latest version
  • Got a new computer and need to transfer data and setup
  • and many more

Apple Service

  • Computer keeps suddenly dying
  • The startup only show a blank screen
  • Built in devices work poorly or don’t function
  • External devices won’t connect properly
  • Screen keeps flickering or looks dimming
  • Computer is running very slow
  • Battery does not hold charge
  • and many more

Network Service

  • Unable to connect to the internet
  • Error message about network connectivity
  • On Line programs are responding very slowly
  • IP addresses conflict, ran out or are not obtainable
  • Unable to establish the VPN connection
  • Connection Errors and Network Connectivity
  • Cannot connect to shared folders on other computers
  • and many more

Hardware Service

  • Blank, white or dim screen
  • Mouse is not clicking, moving or jumpy
  • Computer won’t recognize USB devices
  • Keyboard is not typing or keys are stuck
  • Computer won’t turn on
  • Video is choppy or discoloring
  • Insufficient Memory or Disk Spaces
  • and many more

Data Recovery Service

  • Missing files
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Corrupted information
  • Damaged file structure
  • Bad Sectors
  • Noise from Disk
  • System information error

General System Service

  • Computer upgrade
  • Custom built computer
  • Gaming computer
  • Parts upgrade
  • New computer setup
  • Network device installation
  • General computer tune up
  • IT consulting
  • and many more